Episode 15 – So Long Draenor!

Stone and Leeta discuss their week in World of Warcraft, DDOS Attacks, Demon Hunters Early Release, Cross-Realm Hopping and this weeks topic: Favourite Draenor Zone.

Our Week


  • Mounts
Finally! Dragon Soul No More!
  • Garrison Done
  • Discography
  • Overwatch


Cute Lil Gnome Hunter Leitah and her trusty sidekick Hoplet!
Cute Lil Gnome Hunter Leitah and her trusty sidekick Hoplet!
Paying My Respects!
Paying My Respects!

Show Topic

Favourite Draenor Zone


Frostfire Ridge

Stone's Favourite Draenor Zone
Stone’s Favourite Draenor Zone



Leeta's Favourite Draenor Zone
Leeta’s Favourite Draenor Zone


Tweets from Cinder, Shoryl, Songzee and Lokhin.

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Next Episode Show Topic

Tell us your thoughts on Demon Hunters and the Invasions!

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