Unholy / Blood Death Knight who has been playing since Vanilla (you know this is true because I’m telling you). Loves to collect mounts, pets, toys, and transmog. Stone is an avid supporter of the WoW Community and is a member of Phalanx of Nod (Dalaran-US-Alliance), AIE (Earthen Ring-US-Horde), Convert to Raid (Aerie Peak-US-Alliance), Riders of Rohan (Argent Dawn-US-Alliance), WoWIronman (Wyrmrest Accord-US-Alliance).

Stone has so many alts he needs a spreadsheet to track them. No lie. This is my serious face.

You can contact Stone using one of these methods:
Twitter: @Stonegrasp
Discord: Stone#3621
Blizzard: Stone#1646 (send a quick message on twitter / discord first).

Death Knight is the true hero class: my main, now and forever.
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